Chapter 1. Birth of ‘Noapi Star’,
a planet of music and healing
Noapi planet spreads sleep and healing to all universes.
Before Noapi planet was created, the universe was a space without sleep and rest.
In the past, there was only great pressure and busyness in outer space.
Hundreds of thousands of light years have passed since all living things were full of stress.

One day, the planet Noapi appears, and changes begin to occur in the universe.
The planet Noapi appeared together with the Noapis.

Noapis began to spread rest and sleep throughout the universe, All living beings in the universe started the healing time.

The stress is gone in the universe, Peace came to all living things, leaving only latent stress.

The era of true peace has come when wars and strife are gone. When the potential stress of a living organism increases, Noapis always appears to eliminate the stress.

The healing hero of the universe Noapi and their planet ‘Planet Noapi’
Chapter 2 In the era of Angry 19,
#456 'Noapi' is born
After the birth of the planet Noapi, the first turbulent period in the universe came.
The virus 'Angry 19' has spread on the planet Noapi.
Noapies contaminated with Angry 19 lost their healing immunity and started getting angry.
The voices of Noapi were only getting bigger, and the anger of the planet Noapi was only getting bigger.
The stress of the universe reached its peak, war broke out, and most of the healing of the universe was destroyed.

Then #456 Noapi was born.
#456 Noapi was born with piano ability (healing index 2).
Although he was born with low piano skills and a healing index, #456 Noapi began to play the piano constantly.
#456 Noapi's healing index reached 11, which no one could reach.
As a result, the physical properties of the Angry 19 viruses begin to change.
The red color of Angry 19 started to change to the blue color characteristic of Noapi planet, and all Angry 19 went to sleep.

The peace of the universe has come again.
So #456 Noapi saves the planet Noapi and brings peace to the entire universe again.

Chapter 3 Noapis who fell asleep in the happy box.

Most of Noapis who were contaminated with Angry 19 due to #456 Noapi's piano playing are sleeping in HAPPYBOX.
The universe is saved, but Noapi's remaining task is to wake up the other Noapis, his allies, from HAPPYBOX.

If we don't wake them up quickly, we don't know when the balance of the universe will be broken again.
To open HAPPYBOX and save Noapis, we must get WHITELIST.